What it means to make small-batch hot sauce with fresh ingredients

Dear our valued customers! 

Here at Shipwreck, we source fresh peppers and citrus and make each bottle of hot sauce by hand in our industrial kitchen! We do this to provide you with hot sauce that has no additives, and brings you the best tasting experience!

As you may experience in other parts of our lives, pricing has increased all around us, and in particular fresh produce has taken a big hit.

We held off all pandemic increasing our prices as long as we could. However, with the more recent price increased on produce, we had to increase our hot sauce prices.

We refuse to sacrifice on the quality of our fresh ingredients!

We had to make this hard decision so we can continue to provide you with the best tasting and freshest hot sauce!

We hope you understand and appreciate your continued support of our small business!!


Thank you!

Shipwreck Hot Sauce

Nicole & Natalia (Owners & Cooks)