Why we make hot sauce

My great-grandfather, Rafael, was known in my family for his homemade hot sauce. He cared for his own peppers and fruit plants on his property in Puerto Rico, and he loved to make hot sauce for his family and friends. 

It brought a sense of joy to him seeing his loved ones celebrating around food and his hand-crafted sauces. And just the same, we began to love and treasure this tradition. 

Though our love for his memories and sauces never died, we lost this tradition along the way. 

When I moved to New Jersey, and left my family behind in Puerto Rico, I felt this urge to carry out this beloved tradition. This was the start of Shipwreck.

Just like in our tradition, we only use fresh ingredients for our small batch sauces. We a joyous when our customers enjoy our hot sauce. 

As a small business, we want to pause and thank you, our customers, for the continuous love and support.