About Us!

Shipwreck Hot Sauce was founded by two female engineers, who have a love for fresh and wholesome ingredients and tradition!
Meet our great-grandfather, Rafael. 
On his property in Puerto Rico, you could walk through rows of magnificant and flourising pepper plants and fruit trees. His pride was transforming his home-grown indredients into hot sauces that he shared with his loved ones.
It became part of our family's tradition to gather around together to enjoy traditional Puerto Rican meals with my great-grandfather's flavorful and craft sauces. 
As we remember our great-grandfather, the memories of him in the kitchen making hot sauce and sharing with those he loved, bring smiles to our face.
Today, we revive this tradition with Shipwreck Hot Sauce! And keeping with this tradition, we use only fresh ingredients that bring the biggest flavor to our sauces! To celebrate our home of Puerto Rico, we bring culture and flavors of our island to you!